Artist Statement – vigorous life

My artistic interest has focused on the unity of nature and human experience. This concept derives from East Asian philosophy and it is deeply ingrained into that culture. In my work, I seen that nature can survive extremely harsh conditions yet still eventually blossom filled with life. I combine this concept of nature with my life in my work. I personally have struggled and weathered many storms but I have also experienced joy and beauty. I try to integrate and internalize these experiences and conditions in my work.


In my paintings, I use strong energetic brush strokes. The traditional brushes with long hair can hold a lot of water. With this liquid, the bristles run freely with long strokes on the surface of rice paper in a variety of styles. I try to create harmony and beauty using the tension between filled and unfilled space on the paper in my compositions. This makes for a lively conversation with water, ink, brush, and me. These drawing show a vigorous energy of unity. My use of traditional Korean materials such as mulberry paper, black ink, and traditional pigments mix together flawlessly. Coloring, processing, and diffusing the paint creates multiples hues. This makes a mixture of colors that are unique to me. Recently, I have been using acrylic gouache on canvas. Yet I am still able to create and achieve a similar effect to traditional painting techniques. The deep and majestic color combines with a vigorous stroke of the brush.


The Abundance of Nature has always inspired me. I feel as though there is a profound connection between nature and my work. It is the backbone of my art whatever the medium or materials. Often I like to depict the changes in color of the seasons harking back to my experience of life and moments.  The deep green scenery of spring and summer feels like energetic youth, full of wonder and wisdom, deeply penetrating life.